My background is in the theatre. I trained as an actor, spent many years touring with theatre companies. I was born in Newcastle, have lived in many places between there and Australia and am now based in the Essex coastal town of Wivenhoe, at home by the edge of the North Sea.

The work is eclectic. Sometimes I work in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. Sometimes I work as an actor, sometimes as a theatre director. Painting threads through everything. When work takes me away from home I have paints with me and scavenge pieces of cardboard to paint on.

I am interested in figures and landscapes, figures in landscapes, I like depicting figures emerging and disappearing from view, glimpses of fleeting moments. Most mornings I wake early and I go out along the estuary where I live, trying to capture dawn light mirrored in the water and wet mud, sketching marshland birds or summer grazing cows, small fishing vessels or the workings of the gravel pits and the early morning mists. Later I develop the sketches into paintings sometimes introducing displaced figures from memory or old photographs.

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